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AS Instrument Polska

AS Instrument Polska as exclusive distributor in Poland of swedish company SPM Instrument AB and representant of Easy-Laser AB offers:

  • Portable instruments for monitoring condition machines
    · Multifunction analysers LEONOVA DIAMOND ( 3 vibration chanels ) and EMERALD,

The version of instrument can be over height of needs customer.

  • Permanently installed continuous monitoring systems
    · CMM (Condition Monitoring Modules); MG4 (Machine Guard); CMS (Continuous Monitoring System); Intellinova (Logical modules with wireless broadcast of data).
  • Co-operating with portable instruments and on-line systems software CONDMASTER-RUBY®.

  • Handy maintenance tools (i.e. VibChecker VC200/VC250, Bearing Checker BC200/250, Electronic stethoscope ELS14) 
  • Shaft alignment and geometrical measurement laser systems Easy-Laser™
    · The Shaft alignment system E420 for horizontal machines 
    · The Shaft alignment systems E540, E710, E720, XT440, XT660, XT770
    · Specialized systems : E930 - Extruder, E950 - Linebore, E960 - Turbine, E970 - Parallelism, E940 - Machine Tool to measurement of bearing journals and productive machines.
  • · Sheave alignment systems BTA and BTA Digital for belt transmissions.
  • Pre-cut precision stainless steel shims RAYSHIM UK
  • Ultrasonic Leak detectors and Belt tension meters Hilger u.Kern Germany
  • Instruments and systems for humidity paper, cartoon and other material Schaller GmbH Humimeter Austria

Our typical measuring applications are for rotating machine: motors, pumps, funs, gearboxes, compressors, generators and others.

Our activity is branches: Power generation, Chemical or Petrochemical, Pulp and paper, Food processing, Steel and other metal processing, Water treatment and others.

Our clients are manufacturers of rotating machines, maintenance and service companies, producers of part and accessories in different machines and users rotating equipment.

AS Instrument Polska
Andrzej Skrzypkowski
05-075 Warszawa [ Wesoła ]
ul. Dzielna 21

Tel stacjonarny: +48 22 773 4662
Tel komórkowy: +48 605 206 456
Fax: +48 22 773 4668


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